Overcoming Fear, Keeping The Faith, And Maintaining a Positive Headspace

This whole entrepreneurship thang.

Let. Me. Tell. You.

It’s not for everyone. 

It’s certainly not easy.

It’s a rollercoaster of emotion.

There’s risk. There’s fear. There’s investment. There’s sacrifice.

There’s also reward…creating something from the heart, taking an idea, a vision, a dream, and bringing it to life, witnessing a customer fall in love with your creation/your baby….and that deep satisfaction that comes from knowing that you did it. YOU DID IT.

When you focus on the good, the other stuff doesn’t seem so bad.

Entrepreneur or not, life will test us.

And what I’ve realized, is that the challenges I have faced as an entrepreneur, are not unlike those I’ve had to deal with in other aspects of my life. I take more ownership over my business baby, yes of course. I can’t pack up at 5pm and call it a day the way I once did.

But a challenge is a challenge, an obstacle an obstacle, and the strategies we use to overcome setbacks can largely be used to help us navigate any difficult situation in our lives ~ in work, in life, in business, in parenthood….

From my experience, it seems the biggest obstacles we face as entrepreneurs (and as human beings) is overcoming fear, keeping the faith, and maintaining a positive head-space.



The ‘fear mind’ has such a crafty way of trying to stop us in our tracks, don’t you think?! Not it’s fault! Really, the poor thing is just doing its primal job of keeping us safe. And since there aren’t any tigers hiding in the woods to eat us, it tends to make up reasons for us to be afraid. Fear of failure. Fear of success. Fear of not doing enough. Fear of doing too much. That little pesky fear mind can make us fearful of pretty much anything.

Years ago, I read somewhere that the best way to move through fear, is to first acknowledge it. To give love to it. To even speak to it (yah, I know, it’s weird but it’s worked for me so hear me out)…

‘Hey fear mind, I know you’re just doing your job. I appreciate that. But I’m not going to let you stop me. I know there is no real threat. I know that I am safe and protected. I know that everything always works out for me. With or without you, I am going to move forward. But I thank you for doing your job, and I send you love.’ 

I know, I know, super out there, but once you put your fear mind in it’s place, there is a sense of peace that washes over you! Trust me or try it for yourself!


We can count our wins or we can count our losses. The choice is really up to us. And as we know, what we focus on expands. There will always be problems. Curveballs will be thrown at us daily. THIS IS LIFE! We can either dwell in the mess, or realize that problem solving and fighting fires is a necessary part of the process.

So yah, there are problems, and failures, and messes, and misses. BUT, there is also that feeling of SOLVING the problem (sweet isn’t as sweet without the sour, right?), there are successes, there are achievements, and there are WINS!

Focus on the good, and the good just keeps getting better.


Because guess what?! WE ARE CHAMPIONS! You. Me. All of us! If we believe we can’t, we can’t. If we believe we can…well then, anything is possible.

It starts with awareness. What words am I using to speak to and about myself? Are they empowering? Are they positive? Are they encouraging?

Self-talk (in our minds and out loud), in my opinion, is absolutely EVERYTHING.

And it doesn’t take much to learn how to speak more kindly to ourselves. Positive I AM affirmations are a great way to start. I love them so much, I co-founded Love Powered Co ~ an affirmation company ~ to spread the affirmation love! (shameless plug, I know).

Choose ‘I AM’ or ‘YOU ARE’. Whatever feels right in the moment.





YOU GOT THIS BABY GIRL (yeaaah, so this one I use a lot. Don't ask me why, it's just a little love thang I have with myself, soooo....)

Here's a tip from best selling author Jon Gordon ~ Jon says that the best advice he’s ever received, is to ‘talk to yourself more than you listen’. He continues that ‘Too often we listen to ourselves and hear all the complaints, self-doubt, fear and negativity that lead to unhappiness, failure and unfulfilled goals.

But instead of listening to the negative we can choose to feed ourselves with the positive. We can fuel up with words, thoughts, phrases, scripture and beliefs that give us the strength and power to overcome our challenges and create an extraordinary life and career’.

In life and in business, entrepreneur or not, when the going gets tough, we HAVE to focus on the good, count our WINS, and talk to ourselves like the CHAMPIONS that we are…and if we’re feeling adventurous maybe shower our fears with a little sprinkle of love.


Love, Lindy XO 

Meet The Author
Lindy Sood is a multi-passionate entrepreneur and a mama on a mission to spread love, teach mindfulness, and guide our children to a better tomorrow. Co-Founder of Love Powered Co., Lindy's passion for personal growth and spiritual health reaches back to her own childhood and is now being extended into her business. Currently living in the Greater Toronto Area, you can find Lindy working on her business, mommy-ing, running, yoga-ing, writing, green-juicing or networking with beautiful, inspiring women who fuel the soul.

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